Recording Costs in Nashville

What are the average recording costs per song in Nashville? About $750.

For full band recordings you can get a decent demo for $250-500, a nice recording for $750, and a master recording starting at $1,000.  But it can get even more expensive.  It depends on how you record. There are some great producers with home studios, who if you catch at the right time, might be willing to give you a sweet deal.  It’s a creative service, so the prices are always subject to change.  The factors that make up the costs are musicians, the recording space, and the biggest variable: time.

There are some services that crank out basic demos for under $200, such as Paramount Song.  However, Paramount Song’s motive is to facilitate song contests and pitches, and in their process, they can run your song through the mill and make a demo for really cheap.  You get what you pay for, but these demos are done by local professionals and will not sound bad.  If you want a better demo, pay more money or make a friend who owns a studio.

Some people don’t pay anything to have their songs recorded because they have a strong network of friends with resources.  I have some friends who took two years recording their own album without paying a single dollar, because they were bouncing it around to each others’ home studios and recording facilities.

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