How to update the Facebook description for a post – (clear its cache)

Forcing the Facebook description to update after you made a change

When you are editing a page on your website, or the description on one of your YouTube videos, and you are eager to post it to Facebook but the description field hasn’t yet updated, here’s a neat little tool that usually fixes the issue and clears out the cache.

For those of you who found this page in search of a solution, I’ll cut to the chase:

There – just paste the URL of the page you want to update, and Facebook will clear out the cache and your updated description will be shown.

I was about to post my latest music video, Autumn Air, and the description was still cached from last week.  I had important credit information that needed to be displayed.  Additionally, we’d set up an event to post the video today at 10 am, so I couldn’t just wait for Facebook to hopefully update it.

Works like a charm.