Autumn Air


You’ve seen the inside of me, and I know you cannot bear much more of this inside both of us; it’s like breathing in water, bleeding on bread, leaving no other choices but to fight instead. I called out your name today, but there was no answer there. This season will never be the same without your arms around me in the autumn air. Could you look past all of those days and carry on with all the memories we had saved to last a life-time of love, happiness and hope from way above? Oh and the autumn air is all around me; it’s all around. I called out your name today but there was no answer there, and this season will never be the same without those arms around me in the autumn air. It surrounds me, it feels good but it reminds me of all those dreams that have come and gone; to warn her was a foolish manʼs folly of this I am sure. Seasons go by, each one I’ll try to make it, but I still donʼt like it.

3 Replies to “Autumn Air”

  1. Momma Robbie & Big Daddy loves you. We are so proud of you!!! We love having you in Nashville with us, doing the video of “Autumn Air” that was awesome!!! Something we will never forget. By the way I made a great camp side FIRE for you guys. If I say so myself!!👍♨️ Ha! Your awsome Andrew!!! You will always be our Son. Chad sure does luv u your a great friend. Take care and keep making those video’s we love them!!!

  2. One more thing;
    It’s Big Daddy & my Anniversary today😻 Our gift to us was watching ur video’s. Love, love,
    TROLL you sang your heart out on that one! Made our hearts BIG. Love you!! Momma Robbie. Loved hearing Chad play the drums”that’s my boy”

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