Chock full o'Nuts – It's That Heavenly Coffee

Chock full o’Nuts was chock full o’Fun!

It’s a slow moving day.  I’ve got work to do.  When I feel this way, I don’t wanna move.  I turn on the TV and try to watch the news, but the world seems the same, so I’ll turn on the brew.  Simultaneously smooth and strong; all of the colors along with temptation of falling into another cup.  Chock full o’Nuts is how heaven wakes up.

In a fun contest to choose the best coffee to write a jingle for, Chock full o’Nuts fans proved to have the most loyalty, scoring two-thirds of the votes.  So we set out to have some fun in the studio and made a nice little video to go along with it.  It was especially fun when the Chock full o’Nuts marketing department sent us some coffee and a personal thanks.  I must say that we did brew some Chock in the studio that day!  Why did we do this?  Why not?!  The funny thing is, when I told Starbucks about this they wrote a nasty form letter back saying they would not participate in any solicitation.  Weird… this was just a fun thing to do.  Chock full o’Nuts actually posted the contest on their Facebook wall, leading them to victory and new customers!  I honestly had never heard of Chock full o’Nuts before I did this contest (I’m from the Chock-less south), but now I can say I enjoy their coffee!   


Chock full o'Nuts

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  1. LOL! Andrew, this is awesome! Nice meeting you yesterday at the pool. You and your friends are fun; I really enjoyed shooting the bull with y’all.

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