Shine, Baby :)


Got a bottle of wine, some time but first, a drive at night doing 75 in the fast lane. I’m looking over at you sitting there, ya wannabe blonde, you got the beach dress on. You are quite fashionable, hell of a find, hell, I’m a hell of a guy. I was hoping you would fall for me too; I fell for you over dinner, when you were with another dude. Keep it a little under the tongue, if I’m unavailable I know you will find someone. I’m a hundred miles from Nashville at 349. I’m a long way from Tallahassee, you’re still on my mind. If I knew you really wanted to, I could leave it all behind and pursue the life of the riches with you, not stop until I see you shine. I wanna watch you shine. End of the line; time to go get on a plane, fly to work out of San Francisco. Hope you don’t mind missing some time together, long goodbyes, moving slow; inch a little farther away, it’s a hell of a farewell, but hell, it was a hell of a stay. Glad you are fond of me too; I was fond of you, and you knew I was fond of you, too. Don’t gotta go think about it but I’m gonna think about it just to think about it. Got a hundred pounds of petrol in my automobile. Been thinking about you woman, and how you made me feel. If I knew you really wanted me to I could leave later on tonight and get there by the morning time just in time to see you shine. I wanna watch you shine. Everyone’s got a small box or a little bag with letters from the past; a shoebox full of angel wings. Written in faded ink are the majuscules of love. When I think about the future I hope I will see a letter from you to me in the box that I keep. Now that you’re reaching for the stars in the sky I’m glad to be here on earth where I can see you shine.

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